Playmetric is a graphic art project initiated by Colin Bigelow.

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2018 “Interplay” Solo show, Pocko Gallery, London
2019 “Interplay” Solo show, DDB Adam & Eve, London
2019 “Home” Group show, Flaco Gallery, Spain 


Creative Boom
People of Print 
Digital Arts




This series of illustration was used as part of promotional material for the NHS. They wanted to let students know about their new online app service that lets patients access health care advice even in the least accessible times, like the middle of the night.

Personal drawings

Throughout the year I accumulate piles of post-it notes with small drawings that don't have a defined category and are in a sense just artefacts of my daily mind wandering. At the end of the year, I go back through all of them and select ones that I feel still have some gravity in my mind. Often I think they could have a future or are a continuity of thought that is not yet determined.


Vogue Japan

I was lucky enough to have the trust of an Art Director to make an abstract painting for Vogue Japan. The aspect of the article I riffed off was; monetary value is transitory in relation to it's framing. So when an object is viewed only through its subjective values it will ultimately come down to its cultural framing when determining the value of the object. But due to the cost of producing synthetic objects sometimes the process creates higher-value objects than those created by a natural process. So, in turn, these two factors create the rising and falling of value that is discussed in the article.



Creative Director, Rob Hewitt, of Dwell Magazine, ask me to create a series of illustrations that would accompany and an article about the privacy issues of having a smart home. It talked about approaching the smart home from a new perspective which would prevent governments and private companies from accessing our private information via our smart home.